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Last updated May 24, 2020


Covid-19 Update: Our Cancellation Policy during these uncertain times remains unchanged. We will not be able to refund beyond what is outlined below.



  • At any point the client can cancel the event by informing Ieva Genovesi Hair and Makeup Artist in writing.

  • The makeup artist will be under no obligation to refund any money paid up until point of cancellation, however the client will not be liable for any further payments.

  • Notice of cancellation of any part or whole of a booking must be given to Ieva Genovesi Hair and Makeup Artist at least one month prior to the date of the booking. If less than one month’s notice is given, any outstanding balance payable in relation to that booking shall be required to be made in full.

  • In the unfortunate event of the client needing to cancel the booking, the following charges will apply (percentages are the proportion of the total booking cost):

– 12 weeks before the wedding 30%
– 8 weeks before the wedding 40%
– 6 weeks before the wedding 50%
– 4 weeks before the wedding 100%


  • Cancellations made 3 months or more prior of the reserved date will not incur cancellation fee.

  • Cancellations by the makeup artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the performance of their obligations and where no other suitable alternative can be given will result in a refund to the client. No further compensation will be offered.

  • If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the makeup artist every possible endeavour to rectify such situations will be made, however no compensation will be offered on the makeup artist’s part. The client is strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to cover against such situations.

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